What to expect when moving in Texas

If you are moving to Texas, what you should be expecting depends a lot on who you are and where exactly you are going in Texas. As with any state, not all aspects of the state will be exactly the same. Cities and small towns vary considerably, and whatever state you visit you are sure to encounter both. Big cities are known for being melting pots. Usually, the bigger the city, the more variety you are bound to encounter. In someplace like Houston you are sure to discover quite a few similar aspects as you may find in Chicago or Los Angeles. Big cities tend to be more liberal, harbor more crime, and are typically much more convenient than living out in the country or in a small town. This is the norm of cities across the United States. Cities also tend to be a little more busy and rushed. Of course you are also bound to find some die hard Texans in Texas cities, probably more than in other cities in the United States. You are also likely to hear a lot less of the famous Texas accent if you are moving to a city.

If you are, on the other hand, in a small town in Texas, be prepared for a much slower pace. Texans like to take their time in a lot of areas and are rarely in a significant hurry, especially if they are outside the limits of a city, in the back country, or in a small town. In general, people from Texas are very courteous, friendly, and independent. You are sure to find this out relatively soon after you move. If you are living in a small town in East Texas or on the Panhandle you might have a little more exposure to the accent. Small towns are also more likely to see cowboys and cows, but most Texans are modern, ordinary people just like those across the country. Little towns and country areas are usually quite conservative, and most Texans are adamant second amendment supporters. It isn’t uncommon to see a gun on the hip of a Texan in the back country. Another thing noteworthy about the people of Texas— many have a strong allegiance to the heritage of their state.

You shouldn’t be too worried coming to Texas if you are concerned about having judgement passed on you for where you came from or your personal beliefs. Usually Texans are extremely kind and friendly and have a strong sense of community. It’s easy to blend in to one of the many communities in the city, especially if you have dogs. You can go to one of the many dog-friendly outdoor bars, or even make friends with other dog-parents when taking your pup to doggie daycare austin. They stick strongly to their opinions, but that doesn’t mean that they will be hostile if you disagree.

Prices are very cheap in Texas. Land, food, and education are all very affordable. Of course, wages might also be lower, but it won’t be too much of a blow because the price of living is low. Texas is known to have problems with commuting and transportation, especially—as can be imagined—in the cities which can be overcrowded. Texas is huge and hot. Drought is another issue which is ongoing in the state. Of course, the temperature and weather also depends on where you live in this enormous state, as northern regions tend to be cooler and more dry, and southern areas are hotter and more humid.