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How to Keep Pests Away from Your Garden

When it comes to controlling garden pests, there are many different ways to keep them out of your garden. This means being on the lookout for insects that feed on your plants as well as certain animals that will also find your garden filled with tasty treats. While it is advisable to avoid any poisons that may affect you or your pets if they should get into the garden, there are several natural garden pest control methods you can use.
Five Natural Methods of Garden Pest Control
Use Natural Predators: You’ll want to bring in the type of predators that feed on the aphids or “plant lice” and slugs that eat away at your plants. Ladybugs and lacewings are excellent predators against aphids while slugs avoid places with beetles, snakes and lizards. You can choose the type of predators that you are most comfortable around, just remember that while garden snakes may seem a bit creepy to some, they are not interested in your plants, only the pests that feed on them.
Keep Your Plants Healthy: Arguably the best way to keep out the garden pests is to ensure that your plants are as healthy as possible. A healthy plant will resist the onslaught of the bugs that would otherwise consume them more easily. You will want to inspect all of your plants for signs of disease as well as damaged leaves so that they can be removed. This will mean ensuring that your plants are properly watered in nutrient-rich soil. Plus, get rid of the weeds that provide a hiding place for many garden pests.
Aroma Repellents: A simple, yet powerful garden pest control method is using herbs that give off an aroma that repels the intruders into your garden;
– Mint
– Fennel
– Catnip
– Basil
– Yarrow
– Lemongrass & More
Not only do they provide a natural deterrent, they will also attract many of the predators that you want in your garden to keep the pests under control.
Natural Poisons: There are substances which are toxic to many garden pests, but harmless to humans. They include flour, salt and beer, which are cheap, yet highly effective at killing many insects as well as snails and slugs.
The Crushed Eggshell: Place crushed eggshells around your plants and it will deter the crawling bugs such as caterpillars, slugs and snails from reaching your plants because of their sharp edges. However, the eggshells are small enough that they should not cause any harm to you while wearing the proper clothing.
Effective garden pest control starts when you use one or more of these substances or predators to keep out the pests that invade your garden. You’ll want to set up a routine of inspecting your garden periodically so that you can spot the pests as well as check on the health of your plants. A little vigilance and using the proper natural controls will translate into a healthy garden.